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Our Cattle

Born and Raised by the Reardon Family in the Mountains of Colorado

We raise Registered Red Angus Cattle at Elevation.  Why does it matter that our cattle are Registered?

It's critical!  As a Red Angus producer, we DNA test every calf to determine exactly who its parents are.  Each of our calves has its genetics inventoried and evaluated. Their pedigree is defined and we are able to predict their performance as beef cattle.

Beef performance is the most critical aspect.  We know which calves will produce strong marbling and carcass traits.  We are able to improve carcass quality through breeding and management decisions.  Only a registered herd can take advantage of this!  

Our goal is to provide unmatched FLAVOR and TENDERNESS for our customers.  So, when customers buy beef produced from our cattle operation, the quality of their beef is second to none!


Our cattle are BORN and RAISED at HIGH ELEVATION.  They spend their lives out on pasture and open meadows in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  

Our ranch is located on the western slope of the Continental Divide in the heart of the Rockies.  Our cattle thrive on lush grass, clean air, and pure Rocky Mountain spring water. Spending the majority of the year above 9,000 feet, they are genuinely high-altitude cattle.  

There have been multiple reports and studies that demonstrate health benefits of consuming beef raised at high elevation.  We firmly believe that our beef is not only extremely delicious and tender, but it also offers a nutritional value that can only be accomplished by raising cattle high in the mountains.  

Our cattle operation is 100% sustainable.  We grow our own pasture grass, raise our own hay, and provide pure and clean water directly from snowmelt arising from springs and streams on or adjacent to our farm and ranch.  We consider ourselves stewards of the land and are proud to be able to provide an exceptionally pure and clean environment for our cows.  We feel that this is directly reflected in the quality of our beef.  


To learn more about our cattle operation visit, www.RockingRRedAngus.com