October Shipments Week of 10th and 24th

About Us

Welcome to Rocking R Red Angus!

Dan and Katie Reardon established Rocking R Red Angus in 2010.  We passionately raise our cattle with traditional techniques common to ranching lifestyles in western Colorado.  We raise our children to appreciate the traditions of hard-working ranchers and cattlemen. We are first generation ranchers bringing our dream to reality.  After graduating from college, we found ourselves in the medical field, which brought us to the Western slope of Colorado.  Dan grew up in Arizona and Katie in New Mexico.  We never thought our dream would come true.  But the more time we spent ranching and the harder the work, we quickly realized we were approaching our dream. As our dreams materialized, we knew our true passion was the love of raising cattle and caring for our land.  Ranching is hard, hard work, with never ending hours, but it becomes your being, your sustenance.  It is a breath of fresh air, to be able to work side by side, with family, pursuing our passion and enjoying God’s creations.
We have two children, Nolan and Lyla.  They help daily on the ranch, with multiple chores.  But it’s not all work, they are often living their best life, building forts, always muddy, and creating who knows what!  They have grown to have a passion toward animals, especially their horses.  They are good scholars in school, participate in sports and are active in competitive rodeo.
We have a long history of Red Angus in our family.  Dan’s mother grew up in Eastern Colorado and her family raised Red Angus cattle since she was a little girl.  Dan’s father's family ran a sizable cattle operation in Southern Colorado during his high school days.  Katie’s great grandfather raised cattle in Northern New Mexico.  When our family moved to Western Colorado, we decided to get back into the cattle industry.   
The first cows we purchased were a handful of commercial Red Angus cows.  Then, we had the opportunity to purchase a small Registered Black Angus herd.  We sold bulls for a number of years but decided to shift to Red Angus because of the rapid improvement in carcass quality provided by state-of-the-art Red Angus Genetics.  Dan has always had an affinity for Red Angus cows so the decision was easy.  We sold our registered Black Angus herd and purchased the best registered Red Angus genetics we could find.  Through many sales and private treaty transactions, we established our herd and have continued to add to the herd every year by keeping our own replacement heifers and adding a few outside high quality mature cows each fall. 
We are proud of the fact that we established our herd with the best genetics available.
We are Honored to be your Ranchers, and We Thank You for choosing Rocking R Beef!